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Welcome to Peloponnese

Peloponnese is the Southern Peninsula region of Greece, separated from the north by the Corinth Canal and therefore technically an island. Offering strong appeal to holidaymakers in search of cultural diversity and a rich, ancient heritage combined with dazzling untouched beaches along the west coast and scenery where forested mountains are bisected by captivating valleys and gorges - this is a destination of contrasting beauty and lure.

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The Westin Costa Navarino is located on the coastline of The Dunes Beach overlooking the Ionian Sea and provides a stunning location for a luxury family holiday to the region. Here you'll find a wealth of facilities as well as opportunities to contemplate the works of Greek writers like Plato and explore your surroundings via 'Philosophical Walks' through the Messinian countryside.

Peloponnese Holiday Highlights

The Argolid - Featuring the greatest collection of ancient sites (although you'll need a car to explore them all.) Take in the fortress at Mycenae, the great theatre of Epidaurus and the smaller historical sites of Tiryns and Argos.

Byzantine enclaves of Mystra and Monemvasia.

Medieval remains including the Venetian, French and Turkish castles of Nafplio, Maethoni and Corinth.

Epidaurus - possibly the best preserved of all the Greek theatres.

Olympia - revel in the history of the Olympic Games which were staged here for over 1000 years .

Visits to hillside towns like Karitena or Mani tower villages like Kitta or Vathia.

Families will enjoy the uncrowded beaches of Voidhokilia and Elafonissos and even a trip on the old rack and pinion railway which takes you through the Vouraikos Gorge .

Authentic Greek food like moussaka, lamb koftas, and mezze plates served in local tavernas should not be missed